Students: please read info below before volunteering

Thank you for volunteering! As the COVID-19 pandemic has unraveled, it’s changed each of our lives and outlooks. For us medical students, it’s awakened our sense of social responsibility, not only as fellow human beings, but also as future doctors. We have created this platform and website to provide assistance to the health care workers and community members in need of help.

Understand the Risk

All hospital staff are working with COVID-19 patients in some capacity. By entering their homes to care for their kid and pets, we want you to be aware that there is risk to your health. We recommend that you do not volunteer to provide childcare if you need to be in contact with elderly or at-risk populations. We also require that you commit to significant social distancing and stringent hygiene standards outside of your volunteering commitments. 

Volunteering is 100% optional

It is your choice and your choice alone! Once you are paired with a health care provider/ community member in need of help you will communicate and coordinate directly with them.

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